Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Emery has never been the best eater. And he's never been the worst either. He had his handful of go-to favorites (hot dogs, mac & cheese etc) and would occasionally try new foods. Emphasis on occasionally! Lately I've been encouraging him to try at least one bite of something before he insists he doesn't like it. He would always give some resistance but would usually give in for one bite in the end. And then promptly say he didn't like it. And he'd also decided he didn't like ANY meats lately. Great. And even if he liked what I made him to eat, it would usually take some prodding to get him to eat it all. You know, the whole "You have to have 5 more bites" business.

A few weeks ago Emery got a cold. Nothing bad, just a runny nose and cough. But then he lost his appetite too. A mom can't help but worry a little when their child eats practically nothing for several days! I'd have him pick out something to eat, make it for him, only to have him tell me once we sat at the table that he didn't want it anymore. So frustrating!!

However, now that he's over the cold a strange thing has happened. My little boy has been trying several new foods and liking them too!! Last week, we had taco salad and I'd planned on letting him have chips with cheese and leaving off the meat. While I heated it up, he looked over at Joel's and wanted to try it. By the time I'd brought his over, he had decided he really wanted meat on his chips too. He then proceeded to cleaned his plate and asked for more. It would be an understatement to say I was in shock!!

Sunday we had chicken cordon blue, augratin potatoes, and salad (3 things Emery would never try before). Joel thought maybe if we put it on a normal plate (instead of our usually IKEA plastic colored ones for kids), and let Emery use a normal fork and cup he might feel grown up and try it. And it worked! He ate the whole plate full of food again! He kept saying "mmm" and "yummy" too. Very strange.

Yesterday we had meatballs and rice. (Remember his used to refuse to eat all meat!) I made him up his "big-boy" plate and he ate it all. I didn't even have to say "eat 5 more bites and then you can be done". And then to top it all off he says, "This is the best dinner ever!" Wow. That is all I can say. I hope this new attitude toward food sticks around! It is so nice to only make 1 thing for dinner and have everyone eat it! And also to have him eat willingly and not have to prod him to eat more.


The Thueson's said...

are you kidding?? I really hope my Emery starts to do this soon! I am going nuts! :)

Chuck and Becky Stoddard said...

That is awesome! I think everyone knows what you are talking about. When they do try something new and like it you feel like you've won a huge battle. The big boy plate was a great idea.

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Wow, that's awesome. I've witnessed my niece and nephew and it seems that toddlers' eating habits can be a little 'particular'.
That is so great that he is deciding to eat better. I'm sure that is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Jenna said...

Wow! Good job Emery!!!

I hope that Jared will eventually like more foods. (He's 7.) We insist on a "no thank you" bite whenever we introduce something new. The rest of the boys eat me out of house and home so it is probably only a matter of time!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Wow! That's great, and so unusual too. I have a picky eater at my house, but she wasn't as picky as Emery was. What a turn-a-round! I hope it stays that way! I would have been completely floored too!