Thursday, March 18, 2010

This moment in time: 3 1/2

Age: 3 years 5 months

Weight: 35 lbs.

Height: 41" (3 ft. 5 in.)

Hobbies: Playing hide-and-go-seek, helping Daddy in the yard and Mommy in the house, imaginary play (magic shows etc), puzzles, and reading.

Skills: Call Daddy on the phone, getting dressed, running fast, cleaning up, and following directions.

What I'm into: Watching shows (Dora/Diego, Little Einsteins, UmiZoomi, Super Why!, Max & Ruby etc), helping out, going to the library/park/store/Giggle Bugs etc, doing things independently, asking questions, and having picnics.

What I'm not into: Brushing teeth, going to bed, leaving a friend's house, napping every day, rainy days (can't play outside), being told "no".

Foods I like: Milk, water, cheese, hot dogs, meatballs & rice, mac & cheese, spaghetti, taco salad, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, chips, candy, fruit roll-ups, granola bars, cheese-its, teddy grahams, grapes, pineapple, apples, bananas, corn, doughnuts, and fruit punch/grape cool-aid.

Foods I refuse: Most new things, chocolate, roast, mashed potatoes, and celery.

Favorite songs: I am a Child of God, The family is of God, Teach me to walk in the light, Jesus once was a little child, abc's, twinkle twinkle, Follow the Prophet, and Sunbeam song.

What I'm saying: "Say, yes you may"(after asking if he can do somthing), "I'm so happy to see you!", complementing (Mommy I like your earrings! etc), speaking more clearly in general, prayers on food and at bedtime, and "Can I help you?"


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Looks like he likes the 'typical' kid foods. That's funny that he tells you to say, 'yes you may'. What a funny little guy.
Does he understand that he will have a little sister soon? What does he think about it?

Abby said...

Max & Ruby rocks! Came across for Max and Ruby toys, Max and Ruby DVDs, and Max and Ruby dolls.

Lindsay said...

So fun! What a cute little guy!

Jenna said...

He is a darling little boy! You will love having these things written down - I can't believe how fast I have forgotten everything.