Sunday, September 5, 2010

State Fair!

On Saturday we went to the Upper SC State Fair! Emery rode almost all the rides and loved every minute of it- and we were there for 7 hours!!! So much fun!

Mom and Dad took turns going on rides with Emery.

And then there were some he could go on himself too!

Lucy did great most of the time. I had to take her to the car twice to feed her, and she only napped for a few minutes here and there but was happy being outside! The ride home was a whole other story but we'll focus on the positives :) Let's just say there was some screaming. But Emery was so tuckered out he fell asleep almost instantly when we got in the car and didn't wake up despite Lucy being so loud! I felt bad for her though, she was just so tired after not getting much of a nap all afternoon. And she isn't a big fan of the being strapped in the car anyways. Especially in the dark!

Emery was tall enough to ride 75% of the rides and he tried all the ones we'd let him go on! We passed up a few that would make mom or dad too sick! But I'm sure he would have tried them if we'd gone with him.


This ride is similar to "re-entry" at Lagoon for those of you Utahns. It takes you up slowly, and drops super fast! Emery didn't really know what he was getting into...
He was so brave though (for this one and all the other more scary rides), he never cried after one he thought was scary. He'd just say as we walked away, "I didn't really like that one..."

Couldn't go to the fair without riding the Ferris Wheel!

House of mirrors. Every time we went in Emery bumped his head at least once. I kept reminding him to put his hand out in front of him, but he kept forgetting!

Emery loved the bumper boats. It was only in the 80's (I don't think we would have gone if it was in the 90's!!) but still pretty toasty outside. Emery likes sticking his hands in the water to cool off :) His other favorite rides were the caterpillar roller coaster, ice slide, and the blow up maze and climbing house.

Our fair food consisted of: nachos, a corn dog, Italian ice, a turkey leg, and (my fav) funnel cake! And Lots and Lots of water! Good thing I brought some with us or we'd have gone broke on buying little bottles of water at 2 bucks each!

And we even played a few games. Emery won a horn (great-I'm going to have to make that disappear soon! It's so loud!!), a duckie, and a sword!

I didn't get any pictures but they also had a petting zoo, other farm animals, and elephants!
Next year I am totally going on an elephant ride :)


Julie said...

Looks like it was lots of fun. Makes me want to go....but we won't:-).

Lindsay said...

How fun! Weston would have LOVED that. We went to the SoJo Country Fest and he was too short to ride anything, poor boy. He totally would have if he could have. Fun pictures! Looks like Emery had a blast!