Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This moment in time: 4 months old

She figured out how to get her feet in her mouth soon after...
12 lbs 13 oz. (35 %)
25 inches (79 %)

Hobbies: grabbing anything within reach and putting it in my mouth, kicking, and sitting or standing with help (and still sleeping very well!!)

Skills: spitting and sticking out my tongue, almost rolling over, and almost laughing

What I'm in to: baby swing, being held up, and attention from mom, dad & emery

What I'm not in to: riding in the car/being strapped down

Foods: breastmilk

What I'm saying: ooooh, aaaah, and eeeee


Lindsay said...

She is SOOO cute! I think (from that top picture) that is starting to look more like Emery! Adorable.

Lindsay said...

I forgot to type "she" in that second sentence there...sorry.

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I just love her eyes! So big and blue.

Michelle said...

I love her little feet tucked under her arms! So gorgeous :)

Ashley said...

Her hair looks really thick and full in those pictures!