Saturday, July 23, 2011

The big fall

 On Tuesday night Emery ran as fast as he could out in the back yard after his Daddy. Turns out Daddy was already inside. And to make matters worse, Emery took a tumble face first down the hill. Ouch! With no other injuries other than his face he jumped right up and came running and screaming toward the house. He was covered in dirt, in his eyes, nose, and mouth. After getting his washed up and calmed down with a Popsicle, this is what the damage looked like.

The next day it wasn't looking much better! But he was brave and strong and insists it doesn't even hurt anymore :)


heidi said...

poor emery. he's still so handsome and has the nicest disposition.

jennifer a said...

Oh no! that is so sad! Poor little guy! I hope he heals fast.