Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is it...

What is it about the word "Dentist" that makes kids freak out?
Emery was beside himself when I told him it was time to go to the dentist. Never mind that 6 months ago he was fine about it. He was scowling and insisting he would never get in the car. Somehow we made it there. In the car I tried to remind him of everything that would happen and how he'd get a prize at the end.
He was very nervous but also very brave and sat down in the chair just fine.
Lucy watched intently and had a snack.

 Emery was pleased to get to wear special sun glasses so the light wouldn't be so bright. 
And thankfully he sat still and opened up wide!

Emery thought Lucy should come try out the big chair. 
She was not having any part of that!

 He also was able to get x-rays of his back teeth. He sat still and loved it when the hygienist praised him for being so good. She insisted that some 10 year olds didn't do as well as him.
After his cleaning he proudly showed me his clean and cavity-free teeth!
He even admitted to me after getting a sticker and toy that going to the dentist was pretty fun!

He's even considering becoming a dentist some day. Mostly because he wants to push the button to lift the chair...since only dentists can do that.

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Julie said...

haha Becoming a dentist is a good aspiration:-). Sam loves going...although he's only been once (I'm a bad mother).