Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picking Peaches

 Last week we went to Greer, SC to pick peaches. Sounds so very exciting and fun huh?! Well, it was for about a minute until we were covered in sweat! It was really hot and humid and not very pleasant in actuality. But we got some yummy peaches and have enjoyed some delicious peach cobbler!
 These first 2 pictures weren't taken with my camera. That's why they look so much better! My friend Julie took them with her Rebel. Note to self: get better camera!

 It was difficult to find peaches that were soft. We ended up with a bunch of hard ones, but they softened up a few days later. All the soft ones apparently fell off the tree onto the ground. Watch your step!

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Julie said...

Aww, you got some really cute pictures. I love the one of Lucy and Emery in the "store", and the one of Emery and Sam!:-)