Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Fair

Emery has been asking to go back to the State fair for 11 months (ever since we went last year!) He was so excited to go again. We has a blast!!

 Lucy lasted for about 2 seconds in the stroller this year! She waned to play!

 Both years this was one of Emery's favorites. A little maze/obstacle coarse with a big slide at the end. Daddy was a good sport and took Lucy through a few times.

 The petting zoo was fun. We bought a bag of sliced carrots for $2 to feed the animals.

We love the Ferris Wheel!

 Lucy was able to go on a few rides, but always had to have help from Daddy!

 Emery liked this big roller coaster much better this year!

 Lucy likes to be in control of the food and drinks!

And this year was even better because we went with our friends the Buelo's! 

This time I forgot to get my funnel cake :(  But we did have quite a spread of fair goodies: corn dog, pizza, nachos, turkey leg, lemonade, icee, cotton candy, and a candy apple! One funny thing that happened to Emery at the petting zoo. After feeding the antelope some carrots, Emery looked away for a moment and it licked Emery on the face! It had a very long tongue! Emery didn't know quite what to think! He was a good sport though and thought it was pretty funny!

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Chrinny said...

So fun!! I didn't even know about the fair until it was over:( Glad you guys had a good time!