Wednesday, October 31, 2012


After bringing Andrew home from the hospital, we had a few days before my parents Paul and Debbie arrived to help. Joel took off work and we made it through those first few days home! But, we were very excited to have some help! And the kids had so much fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa. My dad went home after a few days, but my Mom stayed until the end of the month. She was amazing! I spent most of my time nursing and napping so she took over most of the other things around the house. She took Emery to school, helped with housework and meals, and entertained the kids all day every day. I was so lucky to have her help!!

Emery had his first parent teacher conference with his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Mayfield. He is doing great and loves learning, his teacher, and making new friends. She seems like a very good teacher and I'm glad Emery likes her! Emery also turned 6 this month. We went out to dinner to Burger King and opened presents at home.

One morning I was able to leave Andrew home with my mom and take Lucy to the zoo. She'd been asking for a while to go and since there was a new baby giraffe to see, we made the trip! We had to wait, and there was quite a crowd, but it was worth it! The baby was so cute and Lucy just loved seeing him. His name is Kiko. Emery's school also had a fall festival. The kids played lots of games, won candy, jumped on bouncies, and had a blast!

Near the end of the month, Joel took Emery to a football game in Atlanta where BYU was playing Georgia Tech. My sister and her family also went to the game. Emery was so excited to see his cousins! It's not everyday we get to a BYU game anymore, so it was pretty special. Emery really got into it, holding up his football and cheering. The next day my sister and her family dropped by for a visit to see us and baby Andrew. They were able to attend sacrament meeting with us before heading back home to Florida.

Joel took the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. I stayed home with Andrew since it was a little cold. Emery was a racecar driver, Lucy was a lamb, and Andrew was peas in a pod! They went to a neighborhood near our church building that has sidewalks. Our neighborhood doesn't, and most of the houses don't hand out candy either. After about an hour Emery and Lucy both had filled up their buckets! There is always a bit of haggling with the candy when they get home. Emery takes out all the chocolate pieces and gives them to Joel.  After the kids go to bed, Joel and I poke through and take out a few pieces for ourselves :) Parent tax.


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Lindsay said...

You're alive! Horray! Looks like you made it through the hardest part, right? Ha! JK. Look at that cute little smile, he's SO cute! Hope all is well with the Neff's!