Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Joel!

Joel turned 27 on May 7th!
It's hard to take a pictures of yourself, but this is the best we got
Joel got the book "John Adams" and a few other gifts too.
We had a wonderful day hanging out with Joel, who took most of the day off. We had Chili's for dinner and German Chocolate Cake to celebrate. It was a nice break, since Joel is so busy these days!
Happy Birthday!


The Wallaces said...

Happy Birthday Joel! I just wanted to let you guys know that I admire your example of familyhood. If that makes sense.

winnie said...

What a nice birthday! I love that book, its one of my favorites!

Jennie B. said...

Hey Julie! Thanks so much for writing on my blog. I would LOVE that recipe from you! Thanks so much! Looks like you are doing great. Tell Joel Happy Birthday!

jenny said...

happy birthday joel! looks like you guys had a fun day together. spending the day together without other distractions is really nice!