Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the latest

After many attempts, Emery finally decided he likes watermelon!In an effort to avoid tantrums, Emery now eats in the front of the stroller (as he has boycotted the high chair)
Being silly
Here is my belly button
While I showered, Emery used his little chair to climb onto the tv stand, and then into the high chair to reach the light switches. I'm just lucky he didn't fall off!


jenny said...

what a little monkey. i remember my mother in law telling me that her little boy used to climb up the drawers in the kitchen to get on to the top of the fridge. it was his favorite place. i guess boys will be boys. that has desmond written all over it!

simply kris said...

Julie- I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of "SIS" and myself for visiting the our blogs. I love making new friends. If you do come to Utah in July and want to see some Saying It Simply goods, my door is always open.

VirtualM said...

That last feat is impressive! And he asked to get in the high chair when he was here the other day - I guess since we didn't have a stroller out, it was the next best place to eat!

Jan said...

Emery is getting so big. It is a sad day when you can't take a shower and trust that your kids are okay.

Laura said...

I love your new blog design! The wedding pictures are so fun to see! Dallin is boycotting his booster seat lately too. He usually eats and runs then comes back for more.

Queen said...

He is one smart cookie. Abe is trying to learn everyone's name in nursery. He will keep a good eye on Emery once Emery gets acclimated.
Thanks for all the help with the blog. You hooked me up!