Friday, May 9, 2008

One of those days

Ok, so today was bad, really bad! Lately Emery has been really fussy and agressive (hitting and throwing things) and I kept hoping he was teething or sick and it would pass. But I guess this is just a new fun faze he's in. Then to make matters worse, today he (1)missed a nap to go to the pediatritian for his 18 mo. check-up where he (2) got a shot. Add it all up and what do you get? Terror child! He was screaming and reaking havoc all afternoon. Every little thing that I wouldn't let him do, he lost it! So I put him to bed early and after 15 min of screams he finally fell asleep. Whew! Now I'm just praying he sleeps through the night...
After many vain attempts to get Emery to eat dinner and asking him if he wanted to eat practically everything in the kitchen he would shake his head no. All he wanted (he points) was candy. Ug. Until I finally asked him if he wanted an apple, which he mutters, "uh hu". Here he sits, nibbling away on his apple.
ps-what do you do with an 18 month old when they thow a fit? I'm at a loss! Help!

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Jenny said...

Sorry you had a bad day! Advice? Slap him aroung a little, it works with "big babies" aka Eric. Just Kidding! I have no idea what to tell you on that one.

PS-Love the new layout, where do I find layout like that??