Friday, May 30, 2008

Now Available!

My 3"x6" BookreMarks are now available HERE

Only $4.50 for 6! And if you live near me, you don't have to pay shipping-I can just give it to you in person!

More color choices will be added soon!

*5/31 Update: Look for these too!*

*6/4 Update: These are up now!*

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Danica and Jeremy said...

Julie!!! Oh my goodness - Emery is so big! I feel like I just went to your shower : ) He is so handsome and you are looking great as always! How is Atlanta?

I love your book remarks! That is such a great idea! I totally write in all of my books and then if I lend them to anybody else I always worry that about what I wrote in them (mostly because I can't remember what it was I wrote!). I will have to order some from you - what a great gift for the book group too! Thanks for leaving me a note it will be fun to see what your up to and your cute fam!

How do you know the Tripps and the Thuesons?