Thursday, June 19, 2008

Atlanta Zoo

On Wednesday, Emery and I went to the Atlanta Zoo. We had a BLAST! Emery may not be 100% interested in the animals but he loves to be around his friends and they have a couple play areas too. We went with my friends Emily and Jan (and thier kids too). It was a sunny morning but the temp was only in the 60's. Ahh!
Emery really liked climbing on the little fences

Content to sit and climb on the benches
What time Emery spent in his stroller looked like this; looking to see if his friends were still coming behind us.

This baby panda came right up to the glass where Emery was and did a little roll before walking off again.

The kids at the zoo playground.

There was also an inside play area with squishy climbing blocks and some cartoons too.

I guess Emery is almost 3 ft tall. Wow!

Before we left I paid $2 for a little train ride. I think Emery really liked it! And I didn't feel the least bit bad for paying for a 3 minute ride since we got into the zoo for free! (Thanks Jan!)

Waiting for the train to start

I love my little Em!


jenny said...

that is great! i can't wait until desmond is old enough to do things like that (and enjoy them!) glad it was a nice day, not too hot. cute pictures.

Jenny said...

I love how the Panda got so close to Emery, too cute! I havent been to the zoon in ages, it looks like you had a lot of fun, I am glad you had some friends to go with and that you were able to bring their kids too.