Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gladys Knight

Today we had such a treat in the Atlanta ward! Gladys Knight was visiting and gave a beautiful testimony. Some of my favorite things she said:
-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the same everywhere around the world she has visited!
-We shouldn't focus on our outward differences because we are all children of God. Plus He doesn't like it when we critique his work.
-We should put more effort into getting our mansion in heaven, and not here on earth. The rich will have a hard time getting into heaven (as stated in the scriptures), so we shouldn't strive for that. When we have lots of money we find we still feel empty and attempt to fill the hole by buying things, and it remains empty. Only Jesus Christ can fill that void.
-We have work to do! Get busy and be a tool in the Lord's hands.
Our testimony meeting was incredible, not only because she was there, but the spirit was so strong for me. I really needed that boost. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost and how it lifts us and builds us up!


winnie said...

That was a pretty cool meeting! Love the pix below of E, he went so quick from a baby to a toddler!

Lindsay said...

How cool is that?!!! Gladys Knight! How fun. That's so wonderful - you're little guy is growing up so fast, and you are such an adorable mom. I really enjoy your blog! Thanks!