Friday, June 6, 2008

My Man

Joel was raised on a ranch in Ruby Valley, NV. Therefore he has some awesome SKILLS! There is so much to do on a ranch it is unbelievable! The machinery they use is huge and the work is backbreaking. But he loves it. And I've come to love to visit there too (not to work obviously, I'm such a wimp! -His sister though, is AMAZING, and can get right in there with it all. I admire her a ton!) So here is a little shout out to my hubby and to Ruby Valley. We can't wait for our visit in July!

Hey! Lots and lots of hay.

Haying season is busy busy! Look at the size of those hay bales!

Beautiful view!


Fun times for the kids

Sam and Annemarie (Joel's siblings)

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The Wallaces said...

That's so cute that you admire what he can do.

Isn't refreshing to know that spouses contain different hobbies and talents that we are always learning about.

ps not sure if I will be done with the book by tomorrow. I am a super fast reader but I haven't really had time. lol.