Monday, June 9, 2008

Free Magazine!

Go HERE for a free subsciption for Women's Day Magazine! Yeah, I love freebies!


Jennica & Mitch said...

Hey Julie! This is Jennica...I ran across your blog when I was surfing facebook bored at work! haha Your little boy is a doll! Thanks for the heads up...I'm always up for freebies!

Bryce and Jamie said...

Hey Julie. This is Erin (Dearing) Anderson. My friend Jamie has a blog and she ran across and remembered that you and I used to be good friends. I just wanted to say HELLOOOOO! So you're living in Atlanta, huh? Neat. We're still out in gold ol' Utah until Paul goes to medical school. I had heard you had a baby and he's adorable. Well, give me a ring and we'll catch up. 801-604-0394 I'm thinking I might create one of these blog things so I can keep in touch with people...we'll see. Take care!