Sunday, June 7, 2009

Annemarie Visits!

Joel's sister Annemarie came for a visit last week. She went to a job fair to look for a music teaching job now that she has graduated from The University of Utah. It was so nice to have a visitor!! We took her to a Greenville Drive baseball game :)

Joel and Julie
Julie and Annemarie
Emery wanted to wear Daddy's hat

Our good friends Laisa and Tim also came!
Again with the funnel cake! I should have learned my lesson last time. But, I had to get some yummy!!

Joel took a day off work to visit Charleston with Annemarie

And Emery insisted that we show Annemarie our favorite spot to feed some geese!

Best buds!

Silly geese!

Thanks for coming Annemarie :)
We'd love for you to stay longer next time (like move here! hint hint)

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Lindsay said...

How fun! All your pictures are gorgeous! Charleston looks like a beautiful place. I'm sure it was fun to have some company for a while! Emery is such a little stud! Cute pictures!