Thursday, June 25, 2009

Depends on the day

Emery is so funny. One day he will love something, and the next day not so much. Remember how much Emery like the Greenville fountains last time? (Scroll down past the huge paragraph!)
This time he walked over, put his hand in and was done! He kept wanting to sit on my lap. Weird!

Here he is, just looking at all the other kids having fun. He's such a people watcher! He loves to observe.

Back at home Emery had some superhero flying lessons.

Learning to hammer using foam and golf tees.

Building log cabins.

I can see you though my door!

Transferring water with a dropper.

Today he was feeling like playing in the water more when we had a little kiddie pool day. Silly boy! It just depends on the day what sort of mood you'll get!


Brittany Ann said...

It always looks like you do the most fun things with Emery. What a lucky little boy.

Erin Anderson said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you do a good job at keeping him entertained. So many fun activities!

jenny said...

desmond has that EXACT same swim suit combo. shirt and shorts! that's hilarious. desmonds the same way, i think that's just kids for ya!