Friday, June 19, 2009

High highs, and low lows

Fridays usually start off with playdate at 9. Emery went to his friend Sam's house and celebrated Sam turning 3. They had pig cupcakes and played in the sprinkler. I think Emery loved it! And he got a treat bag with bubbles, play doh, a hat, a horn, fruit snacks, and Diego bandaids. Emery was in heaven!!
Back at home we found some things to keep us busy...

One of Emery's favorite toys: Melissa & Doug cutting food!

Building with foam blocks

Making balls with tissue paper, and throwing them into a diaper box. Use what you have :)

Play doh (from his buddy Sam! thanks). Always a hit!

Playing trains

Emery was so hyper and silly by the time dinner came around. We met up with his friend Sam at Chick-Fil-A for Sam's birthday dinner!

Then on to Frankie's Fun Park for go cart racing! The boys were so excited....

until they got in and
1. It was SO loud with all the motors running and
2. They couldn't sit on Daddy's lap :(
Emery cried. Poor thing. Maybe he'll like it better in a year!

He perked back up to play games!

He liked this car racing better!

Before we left, they decided to try the little boats.

Sam and Emery liked to spray each other with their water guns!

He liked this one much better!

It was a hot day today, in the 90's. So we cooled off with some crushed ice before bed! Fun day :)

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Brittany Ann said...

I LOVE those water boats, they have some just like them at a park in Arizona we went to. What a fun start to the weekend!