Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grandma's 90th Birthday Party

My sweet Grandma Dorothy turned 90 years old on December 21st, 2010
We made a stop down in Arizona to party with her!

I was so happy to finally have her meet my hubby and 2 kids!

AND I was so excited to get this 4 generation picture :)

There was a LOT of food and deserts

My Grandpa Roe died when I was in 3rd grade but I loved to see all these cute pictures of my grandparents!

Here is the awesome family picture (minus Joel and Lucy- who went back to the hotel for a nap)

A picture of my grandma with my sister Andrea and me.

Emery and Great Grandma!

Emery loved staying at our nice hotel

We all loved the nice weather! Emery went to feed some ducks several times while we were there.

And, he also played on the playground. See that short blue bar there on the left? That made contact with Emery's forehead...

resulting in a nice goose-egg! He's smiling now but believe me there was a LOT of crying after that incident!!

Lucy loved Grandpa Paul!

Emery became fast friends with Great Grandma. He insisted on sitting next to her at lunch after church :)

Lucy thought she was sweet too

And speaking of Lucy....she decided to start crawling the day we left for Arizona!

I put down a sheet in the hotel room for her to crawl on-since I really didn't trust those carpets being very clean :/ But of coarse she just crawled right off it. Oh well, I tried!


heidiluxe said...

love the 4 generation shot. perfect for blowing up and framing(and gifting).

Julie said...

Holy cow! Your grandma looks amazing for 90!!!