Friday, January 21, 2011

What the kids are up to

Lucy is finally loving bath time. She crawls around and splashes like crazy!

Also, we now need to baby-proof the house. For example: Lucy is already interested in the stairs-yikes!

After being on vacation for 2 weeks, sleeping wasn't going too well for poor Lucy. But, we've almost got things back to normal. On a good day she'll wake up at 8am, nap at 10:30, nap at 3:00, and be to bed at 8pm. I'm always hoping the naps will be an hour and a half but usually if her morning nap is, then her afternoon nap won't be. Sometimes the afternoon one will only be 30 minutes. :/

These two are really starting to be great friends! Emery always wants to hold Lucy, and give her hugs/kisses!

But, Emery still also loves it when his little buddy Bree comes over to play! She follows him around and wants to do everything he is doing. And he likes to teach her how to do things :)


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Cute. cute. cute. Lucy's hair looks like it's lightening up. I think it's so great that they love each other so much! Almost makes me want to have kids close together.... almost ;)

Tiffany said...

Wonderful family.