Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nevada: Part 2

Christmas morning!
Lucy loved to unwrap the gifts she got. But mostly because she liked the boxes. And paper. Oh well, maybe next year she'll actually be interested in the toys!

Emery loved to unwrap as well. In fact, after he opened all his gifts he graciously offered to help anyone else with theirs ;)

This was my 1 surprise for Joel. His very own Angry Bird. If you don't know what that is, google it.

Later on Emery found a nice box to fit all his gifts and candies in to keep them all together (and away from Lucy). Unfortunately the box itself was too much of a temptation for Lucy.

So, we found her her own box :) She spent most of the remainder of our trip pulling up and playing with this box!

Emery wore his new clothes the Sunday after Christmas

And we all got together for a little family picture.

Emery loved having Grandma to follow around, cook with, and read bedtime stories with!

Joel and I always look forward to playing games with Sam and Mary!

And before we left, Emery had to try out Grandma's new hot tub! Pretty nice on a cold snowy day, I hear!

When we finally made it back home, Lucy had one more gift waiting for her. Hopefully it is a little bit better than a box :)


Lindsay said...

So many fun pictures! Looks like a great Christmas!!! Your kids are so dang cute.

Mel said...

Awesome family pictures! Vivian really looks like Annemarie. P.S. Jim and I both laughed when we saw the Angry Bird -we have just recently been introduced to that whole world.