Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nevada: Part 1

We made it out to Ruby Valley, Nevada just in time for the annual Neff Family Christmas party. We filled up on yummy homemade soups, breads, candies, pies, and other goodies.

The children all dressed up to act out the Nativity from the bible.

This is the first year Emery has been in it. He chose to be one of the Wise Men.

Lucy got re-acquainted with Grandpa John.

And then Santa Ben passed out a gift to everyone! Emery was his little elf and helped pass them out. Earlier Emery told me he wanted to help Santa deliver gifts on Christmas eve. This is as close as he got :)

We has lots of snow for Emery to play in while we were there!

With the help of his cousins and aunt they made a huge snowman and snow fort!

Ben always loves to play with the kids!

And Emery was so excited to play with Ben too!

Lucy and I had lots of time to hang out together most days. Joel was usually working on the ranch and Emery was "helping" out Grandma Kathy!

On Christmas eve we had the big family dinner. It's times like these I am so glad to be a visitor and not the hostess! We had 21 plates set!

Here is Joel's brother Sam and his wife Mary (holding hands). Also at the table were Joel's niece Vivian and a friend Janie.

Here we have Emery, Peter, Lisi, Ben, John and Janie's dad.

Then there is Bill, Carol, Carol's sister and Grandma Kathy (at the head of the table)-the Awesome chef of the feast!

Lastly, here is Philip, Adam, Julia, Annemarie, and Louise.

After our bellies were full, we opened our Christmas eve pj's!

Lucy was the cutest!

Then it was off to bed before Santa showed up! I thought Emery might have trouble getting to sleep with all the excitement, but he didn't! He was out in under 5 minutes. Lucy on the other hand... sheesh! That girl was all off schedule during this trip!

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Erin said...

Your baby's standing?? What a cutie pie! And I love, love, love those jammies! Carolyn needs some new jammies. She's getting too big too fast.